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jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

For all black cats around the world

Hi all

Because there are some excellent Kuroneko followers abroad, I decided to write an entry in english (or something like), explaining a little more about the work of this black cat.

The project Kuroneko was born over a year, from a restless mind and a passion for drawing.
Describe my style is very complex, because I will never stop trying new styles, and daydreaming. Therefore, Kuroneko is the art of imagination.

In each of my drawings, illustrations, crafts ... I leave a piece of me, and all of them have their own history.
I like to listen to ideas, both mine and the people who trust me. And make them real.

From paintings, portraits, wooden boxes ... There's just imagination, and a hidden message behind them.

Step right up, and above all, enjoy.

Any request, question, doubt, will be happy to read you in




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